Lan Party Hotel

We offer a new service many of you have already imagined! Fully equipt gaming room with five computers, gaming console + TV, kitchenette and air conditioner. All of that including the apartment upstairs. We are talking abou unique connection of friends, relaxation, gaming and entertainment. Lan Party Hotel is prepared for esport teams bootcamps in preparations for upcoming matches. You no longer need to carry your gaming gear with you, you no longer need to worry about internet connection issues, you just need to come! Covered swimming pool or tasting of five potable springs in the city center is another valuable option for relaxation.


High performance gaming computers, TV, air conditioner, kitchenette, a completely pampered gaming room where you won't miss anything.


You can play a variety of games. Classics like CS:GO, LOL PUBG or old school games like Age of Empires 2 HD or Quake 3. Entire list of games can be found here.


For the entire time of your stay you have access to your apartment situated upstairs. There is a kitchen with refrigerator, bathroom, balcony with seating for you to repose.


Apartment is equipped for cooking any kind of meal you like. But if you are not so much into cooking you can order food with delivery as well. Breakfast is buffet style or packed food is served.

Lan Party Hotel

Included with accommodation:

    • non-stop access to gaming room
    • accommodation for everyone
    • breakfast


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